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Welcome to Jessica Coe Photography, Professional Photographer in Cambridge. In an ever changing world of conflict, uncertainty and hate we look to our precious memories for comfort. We capture these memories in a photograph, an image of permanent happiness that will always bring us joy in our darkest of times. These images that we keep in a shoe box under our bed or hang above our fireplace with pride, we show to our children and our grand children and tell them of the smiles and stories that were shared. This is why I passionately chase and capture these kinds of images in my work, so with every glance, you will fall in love.

New year, new you?

Don’t change yourself, embrace yourself. No matter what time of year it is- you deserve a boost.

  • Women of any size, weight or age I am challenging YOU. All I need is one hour of your time to make you feel beautiful. No fad diets, no exercise. Just you. Exactly how you are.

  • This year I hope to make a difference to local women. I don’t intend to turn you into a vogue model. I hope to capture the beauty that your family, friends and even strangers on the street notice that you may not. Contact me for more details.


For the small moments in between the big ones.

  • The best day of your life can also be the most stressful. There are a lot of elements your own wedding you may not see or be a part of, so sit back an enjoy your day while I capture these for you to enjoy.

  • Meeting with the couple prior to any wedding is important to me. I wanted to get to know you as two individuals and a couple to understand how I can reflect this in my photography. Contact me for more details.


Because what is more important?

  • My main value as a photographer is making sure people are able to afford to document the growth of their family. Beautiful photography does not have to cost hundreds of pounds.

  • The experience of the shoot itself should be just as much fun as seeing the end result. I offer shoots in the comfort of your own home with a range of props to keep your little ones entertained.


Why not frame it?

  • If your life was to be a blank canvas, the things you do would be the colour that fills the empty spaces. Whether it be playing an instrument, competing in an event or just dancing, when you are doing what you love, you are at your best.

  • Your proudest moments are rarely the ones you pose for. Contact me for more details about my photography offers.


Don’t forget your furry friends!

  • Family would not be family without a furry friend or two. I love animals and will always encourage clients to get their pets involved in the shoot.

  • If you wanted to give your pet the chance to be in the lime light, I offer affordable pet photography packages that make the perfect gift!

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